“Give a Child the Gift of Photography and you Give a Child a Key that Can
Open New Doors to…”
Creative Expression, New Perspectives, Confidence, Artistic Achievement & FUN!

Do you remember the excitement you felt as a child taking your first picture? Or getting your first camera? If you’re like me, your earliest memory of photography instruction from your mom or dad may have amounted to something like  “Don’t wast the film.”

“Film is expensive and developing it isn’t any less espensive.”  But while saving a lot of money, this advice doesn’t do much in the way of helping a child learn the joy and skill of photography.

Thanks to digital cameras, photography is much more inviting and easier to learn.

What does Photography offer kids?

New Perspectives
It encourages our children to take closer looks and whole new ways of looking at things.

Decision Making Skills
Before taking a picture, our children ask questions like… What is the main subject here?  What part should I focus on?  What angle do I want?  What do I want this photograph to tell others about how I see this subject?

Art & Science Appreciation
Photography is both art and science.  As an art, photography is a marvelous tool of creative, self-expression.
And as photo-journalists know, a photograph can open a person’s mind or even change it.  Photography communicates.
Photography is a wonderful technical tool, teaching lessons in science (light, math, etc.) and computer skills.

Besides the confidence gained from mastering a new skill and creative expression, learning to take good pictures can also do wonders for children who are shy because photography is one of those skills that make it easier to take part in activities that otherwise might leave a shy child hiding in the background. 
As a teacher, I might appoint the young photographer to take pictures at a classroom party.  An older child may find taking pictures for the school paper is fun and that “hiding behind the camera” makes it so much easier to get to know others.

Pride & Satisfaction
Imagine a child’s satisfaction and pride in seeing how his/her pictures affect others.

But most of all, photography, especially digital photography, is just plain fun.

I believe the best way to teach photography to children is by providing them with lessons that provide “hands on experience”.  Sitting down to read a complicated manual or long winded book can be very boring for kids who want to get right to the fun.
Unlike grownups, kids can grasp new subjects like photography fairly easy, given the right kind of instruction and instructor.

Peter Bredholt and Olaf’s Photography is that right kind of instructor and his After School Photography Courses and Clubs provide children with this right type of instruction “hands on learning” while having fun.  Your child will not be sitting and watching videos, reading and trying to figure out complicated manuals and doing a disproportionate amount of photo craft activities that lack in basic photography skills and instruction.

As part of my After School Photography Club and Coursework  students will learn:

The Basic Course:
            Brief History of Photography and Become Familiar with Some Famous Photographers and their work
Meet Your Camera (what parts do, how to take care of them)
How to Hold a Camera
How to make adjustments
            The Exposure Triangle – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of Field
            Types of Digital Cameras and Accessories
            On Camera Flash
            Lighting with Natural Light
            Taking Photographs in No Flash Areas
            Basic Posing Techniques
            Introduction to Photojournalism
            Other Course Levels will cover:
            How to Photograph Sporting Events
            Taking Photographs at Parties
            How to Take a Night Portrait
            Photographing Fireworks
            Pet Photography
            Landscape Photography
            The Digital Darkroom: How to edit your photos using Photoshop and Lightroom

Give an After School Photography Club Membership to Your Children/Students!

Share a link to this page and information with other parents and with your child’s schools and encourage them to give Peter and Olaf’s Photography a call to explore the possibility of offering this Photography Club Program as part of their After School Activities or summer programs and camps or as part of their regular "elective curriculum".


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Peter Bredholt
Phone: (347) 416 – 4362
Email: peterbredholt@olafsphotography.com
               Visit: www.olafsphotography.com

Peter Bredholt has a degree in Education and over 25 years of experience.  You can learn more about Peter and Olaf’s Photography by reading his Bio and an article written about him which appears on his website.  Just click on Our Story and also the Education Tabs to learn more about this very popular and successful program.