Carla Heiberg
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To whom it may concern;

     It is my great pleasure to recommend to you the boundless and extraordinary teaching talents of         Mr.Peter Bredholt.

     I was privileged to be a student of Mr. Bredholt’s when I lived in Brooklyn.

     As a former newspaper staff photographer, I rather had my own set, albeit quite antiquated, view of photography. Mr. Bredholt flung open the door to the exciting new world of Digital Photography and Photo Editing showed me all its possibilities.

     Mr. Bredholt’s skills as photographer are generously matched, not only by his considerable knowledge of its complimentary computer programs-“Photoshop and General Photography”, but also by his innate ability to share this knowledge.

     I freely admit to being computer illiterate and perhaps a bit computer-phobic.  But Mr. Bredholt possesses a profound ability to share his broad diversity of knowledge. He is uncannily able to tailor his teaching style and skills to the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of his students, with all the questions fully and patiently answered. 

   My own particular case was perhaps more challenging than most as I was recovering from massive surgery for a brain aneurysm.  Mr. Bredholt’s wisdom, patience, compassion and understanding of both the subject matter and the pupil made it all a wonderful, invaluable learning experience that I will not soon forget.

     In addition to the classroom learning, he fully recognized lingering apprehensions I felt regarding my independent implementation of these new skills. I fairly dreaded shooting an impending wedding, although I at one time earned a living doing just that.

     Mr. Bredholt generously offered to serve as my “wing man”, not only backing me up at the actual event, but then sharing a special lesson where we worked side by side on our computers, going through programs and special features until a very satisfying body of work was the end result.  This also illustrates the compassion and caring he shows not just me but all his students.  He is a true professional who is passionate about photography and teaching it to others.  His enthusiasm is contagious.

     I am proud of say my “comfort zone” now proudly includes digital photography, as brought to full fruition by that former nemesis, the computer.

     Therefore, I take great pride in recommending to you the talents in tutelage of Mr. Peter Bredholt. He is indeed a master with the consummate skills to share his structured, detailed, goal-oriented lesson plan which openly tailors itself toward the levels and capabilities of the student.

     I am quite certain he will be a wonderful, solid asset to your worthy staff of professionals.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any queries. 

                                                                                                                                                                                            With kindest regards,
                                                                                                                                                                                                Carla L. Heiberg