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Essential for Success When Studying Photography with Peter at Olaf’s Photography

Your camera came with a manual.  This is the most important book that your camera came with.  Please keep it in your camera bag.  Get to know your camera manual.  Know how to find the basic settings on your camera.  Even though your camera manual is very thick with all types of features, there are only a hand-full of functions that are necessary to capture the exposure that you want.

Study your manual.
Know how to assemble and disassemble your camera (change lens).
Know how to insert and remove your battery and memory card.

Locate all of the following settings on your camera.

Basic Settings You Should Know How to Change:
ISO – controls the image sensor
Aperture – controls light and depth of field (DOF)
Shutter Speed – controls light and movement
Light Metering – measures light for the correct exposure

Practice changing these settings
Change your ISO to 800
Change your Aperture to 5.6
Change your Shutter Speed to 1/60 and then 1/125
Change your Metering Mode to Evaluative

By challenging yourself to find and know how to change the above settings on your camera, you will then be ready to easily find these settings during your course of study with Peter when it comes time to learn how to use them.
You need to know how to operate your camera and where the buttons are located to change certain functions. 

It takes talent and knowledge to be a great photographer.  You have the talent now I will teach you and give you the knowledge you need to Turn Your Snapshots Into Great Shots.

When you study photography with Peter & Olaf’s Photography you will:
Learn how to shoot using every mode on your camera.
Learn how to shoot quickly so that you don’t miss a shot
Learn how to blur background for those amazing 3d effects.
Learn how to have infinite focus for those amazing vacation pictures.
Learn how to make sure that your little athlete is frozen in action.
Learn how to create the feeling of movement in your images.
Learn how to capture life’s most amazing colors.

 You will learn how to have complete control of your photography and by the time you are finished, you will amaze everyone with your ability to take breathtaking images and your camera will now just be an extension of your eye.