"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience that our children are having!  It's creative, engaging and thought-provoking!  What a wonderful combination."

​Our Photography Club Contest Ends Next Week & The Winner Will Be Determined & Announced @ Our Next Meeting: May 23rd.

"Thank you, Peter, for the wonderful work you are doing with our young people!  They're learning so much and enjoying what they're learning!. The Photography Club is AMAZING."
                                                                                         Sister Joan - Principal St. Bernadette Catholic Academy

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Lorraine Tuccillo - Principal - Lutheran Elementary School

"​ We are absolutely thrilled that Zachary absolutely loves photography and we are grateful that he has such a wonderful and dedicated teacher to guide him."

Saint Bernadette Catholic AcademyAfter -School  Photography  Club

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​​​" I want to thank you sincerely for being such a terrific teacher to these kids! Lucy has had nothing but positive things to say about your photography club. And I have always looked forward to your emails and new website postings. Your dedication and passion to the subject has gone above and beyond!  I certainly hope Lucy has the opportunity to work with you in the future. I will encourage her to do so because I feel your positive energy and feedback has been extremely valuable to her.
Again, thank you so much!"
 Mary Baldwin - parent


"Observing & Photographing The Shapes Around Us"

(A lesson based on

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